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Join us for a crashcourse inperson workshop to learn from 4 experienced business leaders the topics of finances, marketing strategies, systems & operations. Come, learn, and network with other female leaders who also run businesses.

This is an exclusive workshop with only 4 spots available.

Where: Pax & Beneficia, 5244 N O’Connor Blvd #150, Irving, TX 75039

When: March 8th, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Cost: $150 and includes pastries, all-you-can-drink coffee, and 1 meal per person.

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What’s next? Where do you invest in the business?

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As you begin hiring more employees, how do you systematize your offerings without losing quality?

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Sales & Implementation

Define the onboarding process for your clients & automatize sales to fulfillment.

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Branding & Marketing

SEO? Google Ads? Website development? What do you REALLY need to keep growing?

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Open brainstorming with our industry experts to overcome business barriers.

Get to know them!

Meet The Experts

Unlock the Secrets of Business Growth in this Exclusive workshop hosted in Dallas, Marketing, and Systems Experts. Learn their strategies and tactics to accelerate business growth, optimize marketing, and streamline systems.

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JC Hite

JC Hite is the founder and CEO of Hite Digital International, one of the fastest-growing agencies in the US. With a passion for business and people, Hite has not only scaled to 22 offices in the US and LATAM, but also created a disruptive model that enables faster and more efficient growth for agencies through franchising. 

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Karen Hite is Co-Owner of Hite Digital, a top-ranked franchise model digital marketing agency with 22 locations in the US and 200+ employees. With expertise in CRM implementation, systems and process evaluations, and consulting, Karen helps business owners streamline their processes and find greater efficiency, clarity, and abundance in their work. 

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Tatiana Chamorro

Tatiana Chamorro is the CEO of Hite Digital Dallas, an industry-leading brand design and marketing service agency, and the founder of Hite Creative, a division of Hite International. In 2022, she was awarded the top 20 Women in Advertising in Dallas by the American Advertising Federation, AAF – Dallas.

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