Consulting Package #1

Learn how to use social media

Building Your

For individuals, influencers, consultants, start-ups, or solopreneurs.

I teach you how to build an online audience and monetize it. You will learn about social media, and other relevant tools to promote your brand online.


*Initial call is $125 that can be applied towards your monthly contract. 



 Month 1 | Onboarding phase, access to our webinars, individual sessions on your personalized strategy, on how and where to advertise + set-up of your business on these platforms.

Month 2-4 | Individual sessions on how to create online content; including software tools for video, captions, and images, Canva account set-up, utilizing ChatGPT, Linktrees, learning to utilize Canva.

Month 5-6 | Individual sessions on creating content for 2-months, scheduling posts and reviewing data.


Work from anywhere

Digitalizing Your

For Start-ups or Small Businesses.

I help you build a digital-first business that you can manage from anywhere. You will learn about online tools and systems to reduce your manual work and give you time back.


*Initial call is $125 that can be applied towards your monthly contract. 



 Month 1 | During the onboarding phase, we will meet to understand your goals, challenges, and current digital landscape of your business. We will also have an initial assessment of your current technology infrastructure.

Month 2-3 | Creation of a roadmap for your digital transformation strategy, and recommendations on suitable digital tools, platforms, and software solutions that align with your business’s needs and budget.

Month 5-6 | Introduce digital tools and technologies that can automate repetitive tasks and optimize resource allocation.

Why Tatiana?

Latina Entrepreneur | Speaker | Investor

Tatiana is a serial entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in Marketing, Branding, and Business. She is a self-made success story, having started her career as an international student from Nicaragua and helping found two successful businesses in the USA that collectively generated over $5 million in annual revenue and became a 2x INC 5000 company with over 200 employees. She is also a real estate investor with a $16 M multifamily portfolio with 300+ units, and 5 single-family properties. 

Today, Tatiana is an advisor to multiple start-ups in Dallas and is committed to helping other minorities and immigrants achieve their dreams. She is committed to helping other entrepreneurs grow and exit their businesses through strategic planning of systems, processes, and marketing.


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This session is an open canvas. It can be used to assess on marketing proposals, review your analytics, or help think new offerings for your business. 

This 1-hour session is a great solution for start-ups or entrepreneurs who don’t have the budget to hire a full-time CMO or marketing team.